Sara quin emy storey dating

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As out lesbians, Tegan and Sara have allowed themselves to be used as veritable poster girls for attractive, talented and successful gay women who have no qualms about their sexuality, even bringing girlfriends on the road with them and participating in the True Colors Tour and the OUT Magazine 100 in 2008.Besides a booming merch line, designed largely by Sara’s ex-girlfriend Emy Storey, Tegan and Sara have released a DVD, It’s Not Fun, Don’t Do It, and are preparing for the publication of three books: On, In, At.), the band’s moniker has surpassed being their names and become a well-known entity for quality pop songs.It’s no wonder the queer community has celebrated them so much and so often.

On a table are clay busts of Sara's face, which she sat for a few days ago. The molding material covered everything but her nose, which made her panic."Sometimes identifying us as lesbians, I'm not sure entirely how beneficial that is for our music.If you are writing a personality piece, I suppose that makes total sense to talk about the fact that we're twins and we're lesbians, or that we're from Canada.Shaun has left the band and left Tegan and Sara hanging before The Con Tour. This contradiction between their personalities and the complex relationship they had made them who they are today, shaped their music into a form of inner monologue between two people trying to reach each other despite the difficulties surrounding them. Sara strove to deliver her feelings through metaphors, her love through images, her emotions through melodies; meanwhile Tegan was the braver one - her words honest, her emotions clear, her feelings never hidden.

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