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He married Sara Dougherty when he was 24 (in 1915) and, in 1927, the couple joined with Sara's cousin Maybelle (who was married to AP's brother Ezra) to form the Carter Family band.

Maybelle Carter was born Maybelle Addington in Nickelsville, VA, in the spring of 1909.

Back in the 1920s, as recorded music was enjoying an early heyday, the Carter Family from Virginia started making records in Bristol, Tenn.

Led by husband and wife AP and Sara Carter and AP's cousin Maybelle (who would become known as Mother Maybelle), the Carters set spinning a family legacy which would influence Woody Guthrie, Johnny Cash, and innumerable others. The patriarch of the Carter Family legacy, Alvin Pleasant Delaney (AP) Carter was born in Maces Spring, Virginia in 1891.

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