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Since the age of eight, like many children his age at the time, Hammar was a fan of the high-flying moves and acrobatic athleticism of wrestlers in shows from the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment).“After years of loving wrestling and being interested in it, I finally decided to do something about it and search for training centres around my area.It was then that I found a wrestler by the name of Nightmare on the Internet and contacted him via Facebook.Thought it was just Yahoo, Hotmail, and GMail that provide free E-mail accounts?

While many sceptics criticise the sport, Hammar explained that being a wrestler was no easy feat. On Saturdays I have wrestling training in Durban and on Sundays I rest.

“My local role models would be Ananzi from APWA [African Punishment Wrestling Association] and Nightmare of DPW [Durban Pro Wrestling], both professional wrestlers for World Wrestling Professionals,” he said.

Hammar said his other influences are Jeff Hardy from the WWE and old-school wrestler, the Ultimate Warrior, who wrestled in the nineties.

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