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This is not a new phenomenon; in part, it’s why the Japanese population is collapsing at such a rapid rate.

The demographics are already so unbalanced that each month the police arrest more elderly shoplifters than teenage ones.

There are gorgeous locals, tourists looking for a good time, But just how many dongs will go into places where a condom is necessary?

While there's no way of actually knowing how much sex is actually taking place in and around the Olympic Village, one thing is for sure: There are tons of really good-looking people in one place right now.

You get a bunch of great looking people with flawless bodies, throw in a bunch of Greek imagery – and the dual aphrodisiac that is the ecstasy of winning, and the agony of defeat – and people get horny as hell. What is different, talking to people who have been to multiple games, is that Olympic attendees – both athletes and out of towners – seem to be having more fun in 2016 despite all the worries of Zika and crime.

Of course, that could just be because they're in a place like Rio.

Most men will experience premature ejaculation at some time in their life.

It can have physical or psychological causes, with stress and anxiety being common factors.

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