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In a country that is predominantly Christian, it’s hard not to feel like you’re being squashed by its huge machine.On the other hand, it bothers the very religious Christians that Christmas has become pretty secular and more about family time and family rituals than about Jesus, so maybe me doing a very non-religious Christmas will be a way of fighting back too.Cambodia is the home to one of the only two temples dedicated to Brahma in the world.

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The Khmer Empire was one of the most powerful empires in Southeast Asia, The empire, which grew out of the former kingdom of Chenla, at times ruled over and/or vassalized parts of modern-day Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Once wooed by the seemingly endless wealth of the oil industry, immigrants are now drawn to a variety of fields.

To be sure, life in the largely Muslim Gulf ranges widely, from repressive, fear-filleddays in Saudi Arabia, through a laid-back existence in easy-going Oman, to the relativeexcess of Dubai.

Prominent themes in Hindu beliefs include the four Puruṣārthas, the proper goals or aims of human life, namely Dharma (ethics/duties), Artha (prosperity/work), Kama (desires/passions) and Moksha (liberation/freedom/salvation); Hindu practices include rituals such as puja (worship) and recitations, meditation, family-oriented rites of passage, annual festivals, and occasional pilgrimages.

Some Hindus leave their social world and material possessions, then engage in lifelong Sannyasa (monastic practices) to achieve Moksha.

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